Spex Box - Member Spotlight

Updated: Feb 12

Member Spotlight is a section dedicated to Women's Society's fabulous members. We want to showcase your business and everything you are up to. This Week is all about Spex Box!

Name - Rebecca Thompson

Business Name - Spex Box

Location - Whalley

Instagram - @thespexbox

Facebook - The Spex Box

Website - www.spexbox.co.uk

What do you do?

Help people find glasses and sunglasses that make them look and feel amazing! I focus on the styling aspect of wearing glasses; so rather than it being a boring, clinical ‘feels like going to the dentist’ grudge purchase… it’s a fun one!! Everyone gets a complimentary frame styling consultation and their own bespoke style card to take away which details exactly which shapes, styles and colours really suit them.

Top Tip for someone who wants to start a business

Do all the groundwork to very clearly identify exactly who your target customer is. Create profiles that detail not only their age and gender, but also their preferences; where do they shop? How do they like to shop? Which places do they visit? What other brands do they like? Where do they live? What problems are they encountering in their day-to-day life that you can help them solve?

Answering all of these questions before you start help avoid trial and error marketing and ensures that your message clearly speaks to the people it is intended to attract.

Must have app for business

Obviously at the moment social media exposure is key, so for me it’s Instagram. Apart from that; my trusty accounting app that allows me to instantly upload receipts!

Best thing about being self-employed?

Seeing my own vision come to life and having the freedom to be as creative as I want to be with it.

Hardest thing?

As an early stage business the hardest thing is balancing the work required to gain momentum AND having small children.

How do you stay motivated?

I surround myself with people that inspire me, push me and make me laugh. Luckily I’m in a shared collective space so I get plenty of that! I constantly listen to podcasts in the car to set me up for the day, read lots of inspiring stories and watch Ted Talks whilst I’m ironing. My favourite podcasts at the moment are Mary Portas, Seth Godin and Tony Robbins. My ultimate Ted Talk has to be Simon Sinek ‘How great leaders inspire action’.


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