Unscipted UK - Member Spotlight

Updated: Feb 12

Member Spotlight is a section dedicated to Women's Society's fabulous members. We want to showcase your business and everything you are up to. This week is all about Unscripted!

Name - Selene Bridge

Business Name - Unscripted UK

Location - Online - Based in Rossendale Helmshore 

Instagram - @unscripted_uk

Facebook - Unscripted uk

Website - www.unscripteduk.co.uk

What do you do?

Unscripted is an online fast fashion brand selling on trend clothing, accessories and just started introducing SHOESS! UNSCRIPTED allows the consumer to explore elements of trends by pushing the styling. Affordable fashion that sets no limits to how many times an outfit can be reproduced but encapsulating the hottest seasonal trends. Unlike other boutiques UNSCRIPTED offers FREE styling advice through creative direction of photos, videos, verbal, or written to create confidence for the consumers wear pushing their wardrobe style. Unscripted offer FREE local drop off to anywhere in Rossendale.

Top tip for someone who wants to start a business

Make sure you budget and work out how you're going to achieve your end goal. It's important to explore options around a certain task rather than always paying someone to do things. 

Your must have app for business

Instagram, for sure. I cannot explain how vital this platform is for my business people engage with visuals more than  text and that's why it's so important to allow my customers to interact with my brand through instagram. Another app thats my go too is Pantone this gives you all the on trend colours as well as creating colour boards for you. This is so important to a fashion brand as you have to know the colour palette of the season. It will also help when you send things to print or are talking about different colours Pantone is the colour language. 

The best thing about being self employed

The complete joy you get when someone chooses your business over bigger retailers. The excitement when new stocks comes in that I just cannot wait to share and the rewarding feeling when everyone loves it! It fills me with joy the amount of support you receive and how you can meet so many other inspiring people in business too.

The hardest thing about being self employed

Being your own worst enemy. You only criticise yourself and it's quite hard to not compare yourself but you're on your own journey what will be will be. 

How do you stay motivated?

I'm my own boss I do everything from website display, trend forecasting, packing, styling videos etc so I have to be on my A game all the time or the business wouldn't happen. I like to keep myself busy and stay well connected to the industry so I'm always ahead of the game. Events and networking is the best way to keep you inspired. Surround yourself with people that up lift you and want success just as much as you. Stay away from people that have a lot to say or only have their own best interests. 

I just want to add that if you're thinking to start your own business up then go for it, make it happen. I started my business with my own saving funds and built it up myself (you have to take these risks, and I'm glad I have!), don't think you need all the money in the world to pursue a dream if you have the skills, knowledge and love for it then you will succeed. Remember there will be good and bad days or even weeks but it should just make you stronger to improve yourself and don't give up. Things don't happen over night.

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